Why Epoxy Coatings Make Sense for Commercial Spaces?

Epoxy Flooring

There are several advantages of using epoxy coatings in commercial spaces. These coatings enhance the value of your property. In business, aesthetics are very important. The way customers perceive your business may be impacted by many factors, from the neighborhood where it is located, down to the letterhead you use. Since customers make mental notes of all aspects of your business, it is fair to assume that flooring will certainly be a factor as well. That is why it is important to make a good decision when it comes to flooring material, and the way it is presented.

The Rise of Concrete as Flooring Material

In businesses across an ever-expanding range of industries, concrete is used as a flooring material. Historically found in warehouses or other less glamorous buildings, you can now find decorative concrete in doctor’s offices, restaurants, retail shops, financial institutions and many other businesses. There are many reasons for this, most notably the durability and cost effectiveness that concrete provides.

However, there have been many improvements made to the look and style of concrete in recent years. Concrete can be made to look like other more expensive materials such as stone or brick, and color can be added to provide custom designs. Of course, to keep concrete looking its best, it is important to properly maintain it. One great way to do so is to apply a quality sealer or topcoat to increase durability, protect floors from damage and extend the overall life of the concrete. There are many options available, but epoxy flooring materials are among the best.

The Advantages of Epoxy Coatings

There are several types of epoxy coatings today, and the advantages may vary depending on brands and overall function. One of the most common systems includes a water-based primer and sealer. Such a system can be applied to concrete that has been recently poured or is damp, which will cut down on the time it takes to dry and recoat. Also, because most epoxy flooring materials do not have strong odors, a water-based epoxy may be applied in a building that is occupied - making it very convenient. It is easy to clean and will also reduce the likelihood of concrete out gassing.

Slightly more advanced, a 100% solid epoxy flooring glaze offers a somewhat different set of advantages. These include protection from the sun’s ultra-violet rays for outdoor concrete or floors that receive a large amount of natural light. The covering provides color preservation and clarity to keep floors looking new and well maintained.

In addition, a 100% solid epoxy flooring material is ideal for food service establishments because it meets food safety and food-handling requirements as set by the USDA. Like water-based epoxies, a flooring glaze is low odor and can be applied in occupied areas.

Some water-based epoxy flooring materials provide increased breathability. A high solid epoxy may be a great fit for areas that must be tolerant of moisture and resist chemicals and abrasion, such as production areas or lobbies.

The use of concrete is on the rise, and it is important to keep it looking great and functioning well. That is why epoxy flooring materials make sense for such a large number or businesses.

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