What is the best flooring system for a food production facility?

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Is your food production facility ready to expand? Interest in your food product is high and you’re prospering. Right now, you’re making important decisions about how you will market your growing business. You also need to decide how you will go about your food production facility flooring renovation. Flooring in a food production facility must be extremely durable for impact and thermal shock. Urethane concrete systems have these two key characteristics,

While quality ingredients are the base of your success, the base of your production facility is the floor. It must withstand all of the foot traffic from employees, heavy equipment, hundreds of pounds of ingredients, vibrations from mixers and possibly the weight of forklifts or trucks picking up all that good food.

What are the most important things to consider as you go about your renovation? The food safety is top of the list.

You never want to move forward with your design with any weak spots in your hygiene program. Don’t choose flooring for your food production facility renovation with anything less than 100% coverage with no seams and that will not crack. Any time you have spilled ingredients, if any speck of those ingredients permeate the flooring, your hygiene will eventually be at risk.

Cost-control and maintenance is high on the list. Why design in a high-maintenance floor when you’re just getting started? Choose a floor that won’t burden you down the road with needing to replaced prematurely. Or, one that you’ll have to take special care to clean.

Lack of downtime is undoubtedly high on your list. You don’t want to lose your momentum by having to shut down any longer than necessary. You definitely want to choose a floor that can go on fast, make barely any odor, dry fast, and be ready for foot traffic right away. How does downtime of just half a day sound?

Since you already know that a seamless floor is important, you don’t want a floor that has to go down in pieces. There’s no need for a floor in the prep room, a different floor in the cold storage, a different floor in the dry storage, a different floor in the freezer, a different floor in the oven room, a different floor in the bottling room, a different floor in the office and administration rooms, a different floor in the tasting room and a different floor in the retail room. No way! Choose the floor that can do all of these things. That is, again, seamless, highly durable, resistant to chemicals and spills, slip-resistant, easy to clean, easy to apply and has a different look or purpose in each area.

What floor can do all of these things? Urethane concrete, Perdure UMC floor from Duraamen. These floors are available in so many colors and styles, one floor truly can go from front to back and side to side in your food production facility.

Just as it’s the quality of your product that has propelled you to this point, your good decision-making will continue to propel you. You’re already half way there. Learn more about Duraamen’s floors and get on your way to growing your business!

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