How Resinous Flooring Products Can Help Your Business?

There are numerous flooring products available on the market, making it sometimes challenging to keep track of every option. Resinous flooring only used to be an option for garages and industrial settings, but it is increasing in popularity due to its numerous benefits. While it offers the most advantages to business owners, contractors and homeowners can also take advantage of some of the features of this type of flooring.

Understanding Resinous Flooring

Resinous flooring is incredibly resistant to spills and is durable, making it ideal for basements and garages. It can be made from acrylic, polyurethane, or epoxy and is always a two-part system made up of the base material and the hardener material. The contractor will mix these elements together immediately before applying the material, triggering a chemical reaction that causes immediate hardening. When applied correctly, resin floors can actually be stronger than concrete would be alone, due to the way that it combines with the underlying concrete and is then absorbed by it.

How It Helps Business Owners

Due to their extreme durability and toughness, businesses enjoy numerous benefits by opting for resinous floors over their concrete. The floor can also flex under stress, allowing it to overcome impacts, such as those found in warehouses, in addition to thermal shock. Adding resin flooring on top of concrete also improves the overall weight capacity, which in turn allows business owners to use larger machinery.

Business owners also enjoy the easy maintenance associated with resinous floors. As they are impervious, you don’t have to worry about chemicals or dirt damaging them. Even cleanup is simple; pressure washing is frequently an option, making it easy to care for floors made with resin products, such as Endura from Duraamen.

How It Helps Contractors

When a contractor adds resinous flooring to a list of services, he or she will quickly see business grow. Because this type of flooring is slightly more challenging to apply, it is less likely for business owners to attempt it as a DIY project, bringing more business to contractors.

Benefits for Homeowners

Although business owners and contractors will see the most significant benefits from resinous floors, homeowners can as well. These surfaces are especially useful in garages, basements, and areas where children play and are likely to spill. It is also easy to customize the flooring by sprinkling on colored flakes to create a cheerful appearance that matches the home’s decor.

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