Flooring Options for a Bakery

They Come Out Just Right Every Time

At Duraamen, we can't tell you how much yeast to put in your bread dough, but we do know everything it takes to provide high-quality, safe, durable flooring solutions for both local and industrial bakeries.

Safety first
Water, flour, sugar, butter and oils are a recipe for risk. With both wet and dry flooring areas to contend with, having a highly slip-resistant floor that adequately protects both your employees and your equipment is paramount.

A floor that is too smooth only increases the risk of a fall. Using our incredibly high-performing Perdure UMC (Urethane Modified Concrete), we'll make sure that your floor is safe and addresses all of the hazards for a bakery so that you have peace of mind. Perdure UMC is one of the toughest, most water and chemically resistant urethane concrete flooring products on the market.

Next to being safe for your employees, perhaps the number one thing your flooring solution needs to be is long-lasting. As a significant capital investment, we'll make sure that your floor is strong, durable, and perfectly able to stand up to a variety of challenges over time: from carts to chemicals, flour to forklifts. We know that if your bakery utilizes hot racks, your floor has to tolerate them constantly sliding across, and we'll make sure that it can for years.

Highly resistant to acids, cleaners
Flour and water is good combination for baking, but not on your floor. Being acidic, it can eat away at your floor over time, as can salts and sodas. Your floor also needs to be highly resistant to water, cleaning chemicals and any caustics that may be a part of a frequent cleaning routine used to maintain high food safety standards.

We'll design your floor to be highly moisture resistant, too — especially in your mixing areas. We'll also make it anti-microbial to help prevent against bacteria, and seamless so that there are no cracks for bacteria to form in the first place. Perdure UMC is engineered to be crack resistant, making it is one of the most hygienic flooring solutions available.

Thermal-shock resistant

Flooring in your cooler or freezer area has to be different than the rest of your facility. Areas that need to stand up to extreme temperatures, and swings in temperature, require what's called a thermal-shock resistant finish. Our urethane concrete flooring can be installed at temperatures coatings can be installed at temperatures 40F to 60F. After curing urethane concrete flooring will withstand up to 250F when properly designed and installed.

To protect your inventory, our trained installers make sure that your new flooring surface in these areas cures in as little as four to six hours.

Okay, not delicious. But in addition to functional, we will make your floor pleasant to look at.

We'll complete your project on time, and within budget

In both baking and in business, time is very important. We'll minimize your downtime by completing your project as quickly as needed — and within your budget.

The sweetest ingredient — outstanding customer service

Duraamen is known across several industries for its deep expertise, professionalism, and top customer service. We'll work closely with you from the initial phase of designing your bakery flooring solution, all the way through the on-time completion of your project. Our Duraamen trained installers will keep you posted every step of the installation phase.

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