​Understanding Epoxy Flooring Material Options

When it comes to installing new, or updating existing concrete flooring, there are many options to choose from. The most popular choice is epoxy flooring material, which is made up of an epoxide resin that relies on a polyamine hardener to create polymerization, resulting in a strong, durable and long lasting concrete flooring option.

Epoxy flooring materials allow users to create customized flooring that is designed to withstand high amounts of traffic. When used on concrete, the result is a high shine floor that provides long term durability and ease of maintenance. When choosing an epoxy floor, there are three different types offered by Duraamen to create the best results for any situation.

Water-Based Epoxy Flooring

Water-based epoxies provide a priming/sealing effect that reduces the bubbles and craters that occur due to the expansion of moisture and water vapor in the concrete. Duraamen’s Perdure E32 is a great option for new concrete, as it provides a strong bond with superior adhesion. Additionally, this product has minimal odor during the application process, making it perfect for use in occupied areas. This water-based epoxy is also dries quickly, allowing for faster project completion.

100% Solids Epoxy Flooring

The 100% solids epoxy flooring material produces flooring that has high clarity, and provides long term durability, wear, and color retention for concrete floors and concrete polymer overlays. Our Perdure E12 creates a surface that resists UV exposure, and due to the low odor, allows for application in occupied areas to reduce the amount of downtime when used for commercial application.

Breathable Water Based Epoxy

Breathable water based epoxy flooring materials are used as a topcoat for flooring systems. The Perdure BE58 creates a bond that works well for high build coatings, and provides increased tolerance against pits, holes, and bubbles that can occur due to moisture vapor. The breathability of this epoxy coating provides enhanced durability, as well as resistance to abrasions and chemical damages. This topcoat is designed specifically for application over concrete that is known to have high moisture content, and protects against blistering and other issues that result due to out gassing.

Epoxy flooring materials provide the durability and performance needed in both commercial and residential applications. The high shine, abrasion resistant material creates a strong bond that is designed to withstand high traffic, even after years of use.

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