Self-leveling Cement Floors in Offices Spaces

It can seem that there are too many possibilities for flooring for a large office space. Older buildings have used carpet, but that is falling away as people have come to realize that carpet stains easily, must be cleaned and vacuumed regularly, and contributes to poor air quality inside the building. Carpet holds dust and allergens and can often produce toxic fumes which impact the health of workers.

The architects of the AIG Insurance office in Brentwood, Tennessee, chose self-leveling cement floors for their 5,000 square foot office space. Polished concrete floors in office spaces make a lot of sense. In a large building such as this one, flooring can represent a major investment and expense. Rather than tear up existing flooring if it is in bad shape, one can achieve a polished concrete floor by using self-leveling cement on the existing floor. In this case, Duraamen's Pram 6000 (White) system was used, including white integrally colored with Kendall Grey. It was sealed with A03+E32+U45.

Brentwood, Tennessee, is a suburb of Nashville, Tennessee, one of the most exciting and well-known cities in the United States. People from all over the country visit this city for its music and history. It's a place where people expect something more than just the ordinary, and self-leveling cement floors provide that touch of elegance along with durability.

Self-leveling cement floors work by being spread over an existing concrete floor. It is called "Self-leveling" because as it sets it finds its own level. This flooring option is used to provide a new, unblemished, smooth surface for a floor that is all one height. This provides a surface that can be an extra heavy rating for manufacturing facilities and long-term durability for a place such as an office space.

A self-leveling cement floor helps eliminate failures such as bond failure, crumbling and staining, making it a great choice for a large space such as an office building. It cures fast and develops early strength. Polished concrete floors or cement floors in office spaces do not hold dust, don't need much care other than sweeping, and can be colored to provide the visual look that you might expect from colored carpet. Concrete floors won't need to be replaced after a few years of foot traffic like carpet would, and it is easy for workers to move around on them if they sit in rolling chairs. Concrete can be customized to include any colors you like as well as display your company logo right on the floor if you want a truly personal look.

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