Seamless Flooring for Meat & Seafood Processing

Imagine a truckload of shrimp being processed in a room with a cracked, chipped floor that was hard to clean. Yuck! Safe food handling starts with the floors and walls of the facility where it’s being processed, and seamless flooring for meat and seafood processing is the key part of the solution.

Cleanliness in a meat or seafood processing facility is of utmost importance. Any sort of chip or crack on a floor will allow bacteria to develop. Urethane concrete as well as epoxy mortar flooring is suitable in this environment. These seamless flooring solutions can withstand constant exposure to animal proteins, oils, and animal fats.

The meat and seafood processing floor must withstand chemical degreasers used for cleaning. The floor is subject to temperature shock as product arrives frozen and on ice and the floors are continuously washed with hot water. Meat and seafood facilities must follow stringent cleaning regimens and an impervious, seamless floor is easy to steam clean and wash.

A constant near-freezing ambient floor and room temperature coupled with multiple daily hot wash downs from steam cleaning would wreak havoc on a floor that wasn’t built to withstand that sort of temperature fluctuation. A fish or meat processing plant should not have odor or VOCs emanating from the floor, so flooring that is low in chemical residue is a must. Flooring also must comply with USDA, FDA, OSHA, and ADA regulations. Adding traction to a floor like this is a must, and our urethane or epoxy system makes that easy.

Urethane concrete or epoxy mortar flooring are USDA-compliant and can have anti-microbial additives as well as non-slip additives added to it. These seamless flooring solutions are resistant to thermal shock as well as chemical and acid resistant. They are easy to apply and cure quickly even in low temperatures. Topcoats can enhance gloss, anti-slip and stain-resistance. Either of these flooring solutions— urethane concrete or epoxy mortar flooring—are an option, depending on your budget.

In the early days of meat and seafood processing, it was not possible to install a floor that was truly seamless. Now it is. Today’s urethane concrete as well as epoxy mortar flooring creates a permanent bond with itself and with the flooring that is underneath it, so nothing can permeate it. If you want your flooring in your meat or seafood processing facility to last as long as your facility does, get in touch with Duraamen to discuss seamless flooring in your industrial facility.

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