How to restore Concrete Flooring Boston, MA

aConcrete Flooring Boston Massachusetts

Concrete Flooring Boston Massachusetts

Concrete Flooring Boston Massachusetts

Concrete Flooring Restoration Boston, Massachusetts

Here is another concrete flooring restoration completed in the Boston Massachusetts area by Madstone Floors. The process included removing tile from an old, deteriorating concrete surface. Once the tile was removed, the next step was to remove the mastic from the old tile. Madstone Floors then used a shot blaster to remove the mastic and all imperfections in the surface.

As you can see in the above image, the surface was in rough condition. The original intent was a polished surface, however due to the condition this was not possible with the existing surface.

The solution was application of Param 5500, self leveling concrete. In this project the self leveling was applied at 1/4 inch thick. 1/2 inch thick is easily possible for floors with height issues to compensate for doorways or adjacent raised flooring like tile or hardwood.

Param Self Leveling Concrete Flooring

Param has been a sensational product due to it’s versatile function and design features. Not only is it strong, 5500psi compressive strength, but it does not shrink allowing for application over tile and it can be colored and polished. The result is a cost saving system that can be used as an underlayment for carpet, tile or hardwood, but also as a decorative wear surface. It saves tremendous amount of money for property owners and tenants. Rather than expensive, time consuming, floor construction projects, Param provides all the function and design with application in a few days.

In this project that Madstone completed in Chestnut Hill outside of Boston, the self leveling flooring was polished and sealed. The sealer was our Perdure E32, a clear epoxy with a top protective coating called Perdure P72 a polyaspartic top coat.

As mentioned, the time to install is a major consideration in overall cost savings. The concrete flooring was completed in 5 days. The result was a polished concrete, seamless, low maintenance system with non slip properties.

For more information about our systems, visit our products page or visit Madstone Floors website for additional case studies of numerous projects completed with Param self leveling concrete flooring applied, over wood, carper glue and tile.

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