Renovating Office Space In NYC

Renovating Office Space In NYC

Renovating Office Space in NYC with Duraamen Floor Coatings

Virtually every floor of every building in NYC has a floor with problems. Duraamen floor coatings have been engineered to provide solutions to many of the problems.

We have 4 overlays that can be used and applied to solve many issues. Here are a few examples

  • Uneven Floors – Buildings move, floors shift. Flat surfaces become uneven. Our Param 5500 self leveling concrete can be applied up to 1/2 inch thick to create a smooth even surface. You can then apply carpet, tile, hardwood or the self leveler can become a decorative wear surface like in the pictures here.
  • Cracked and Damaged Concrete – Cracks and damaged areas can be filled with anything and the contractor might get away with it. However there are crack fillers that work for repairs and many do not. Just because the label says “crack repair” doesn’t mean it works. Our repair epoxies and polyaspartics cure properly and adhere with our overlayments. All too often we are called in when someone used the wrong repair products which did not adhere to the overlays. Frequently we’ll find that repair products and still wet and soft. They never cured causing the floors to fail and an expensive and inconvenient repair.
  • Old Tile – Param 5500 has been successfully used over pre-existing tile nationwide. One of the unique characteristics of Param 5500 is lack of shrinkage. This feature avoids the problem of a coating shrinking and pulling tile with it.
  • Epoxy Coatings – We have an extensive line of epoxies for many different uses from utilitarian gray industrial to highly decorative metallic finishes. These coatings have been used for remodeling floors in NYC and nationwide.

Each of our products provides a function and design solution for renovating office space floors. The main solution our products solve are related to concrete, but our contractor clients have used Duraamen products over wood, tile and VCT with great success.

Renovating Office Space in NYC – Areas We Serve

We service NYC, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Staten Island, Long Island and Westchester County New York. Our warehouse is conveniently located in Newark New Jersey. We keep a large inventory available with most products shipped the same or next day. We are 15 minutes from the Holland Tunnel. If you plan on picking up products early or after hours please contact us to let us know when you are coming. For large orders and deliveries, contact us in advance.

All our products are available to view online as well as our pricing. Technical support is available.

Give us a call to discuss you situation. We can help you with the appropriate system and the specialist who can install it.

Renovating Office Space In NYC

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