Protect Your Warehouse Floor with Concrete Coatings

Concrete is durable, there’s no doubt about that. But it will last even longer, and continue to retain its color and gloss, if the concrete is protected with a protective coating.

Protective coatings for warehouse concrete floors are either epoxy, polyurethane or MMA resins. Unique chemistry of these protective coatings makes them suitable for different industries.There are also different options depending on the location in an individual facility. For instance, if you have an area open to the public versus an area where you receive or send out forklift or truck deliveries.

In warehouse areas open to the public, a system that protects and is aesthetically pleasing will be topmost importance. In the delivery area, you need a high-performance coating that will not wear away under your ordinary daily uses, scratch, crack or chip.

When making your decision about the system for your concrete warehouse flooring, think about the answers to these primary questions:

  1. Map out the different zones of your warehouse or facility
  2. What type of activity is taking place? Forklift traffic, or back and forth foot traffic? Truck deliveries?
  3. How often is the area getting used?
  4. Is heavy equipment being used? Is it stationary or is it getting moved out of position for cleaning or maintenance? How often?
  5. Are heat, cold or chemicals involved? If there is a spill or in general use, how long will it be before the materials are cleaned from the floor?
  6. Will you need special considerations such as anti-microbial properties or anti-static coatings on your protective concrete coating? Does it need to be USDA-compliant?
  7. How important is appearance? This question is not to suggest that protective concrete coatings are not pleasing in appearance. You don’t have to choose between protective and good looking. But it helps to know going in to this decision that you have a lot of options for the protective coating. Colors, patterns and gloss levels are all customizeable. Some will wear faster than others, so balancing your good looks with durability is an important consideration.

Concrete floor coatings are all very similar, and yet they offer different protections. Some are more resistant to thermal shock, from changes in heat or cold temperatures, as n a cold storage facility or bottling plant. Some concrete coatings are more slip-resistant, so if you have foot traffic in your warehouse where there might be liquids on the floor, this is an important consideration. Some coatings are more resistant to UV light, so if you have an outdoor concrete floor in your warehouse, think about that. Yet other floor coatings are more resistant to shock and weight, so they would be a more suitable choice for warehouses with heavy equipment traffic or where it is likely that large heavy objects might drop and damage the floor.

While the choice to protect your warehouse concrete flooring with a protective coating is not a difficult one, it helps to go into the decision with as much information as possible. You’re an expert in running your business. The folks at Duraamen are experts in protective floor coatings. We encourage you to get some advice on the different options out there and find the system that will make your warehouse floor truly durable and beautiful.

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