Proper Surface Preparation Methods before Installing Concrete Topping

Polishing self-leveling concrete is not a particularly difficult task, but it is one that requires precision. Proper surface preparation before installing a polished concrete topping is a key for the success of the project. Improperly mixing your primer could easily result in areas that never fully harden or cosmetic imperfections. Another common mistake that people make when mixing full solids epoxy primer is leaving epoxy stuck to the side of the container that never gets properly mixed. This primer then ends up being poured on the floor in its unmixed state, causing inconsistencies in the primer and areas that do not harden.

Once your components of the primer system are combined in one bucket, it is standard procedure to use a squirrel mixer for three minutes, keeping the paddle submerged to prevent trapping air in the mix. With small batches and samples, set the speed of the mixer to medium. With a full batch, mix well, then pour into another container before you pour a large volume onto the floor, then squeegee it into place and use a 3/8' roller to roll it down and it will be time to sand broadcast to the point of refusal.

When you have mixed your primer, it is very important to get it onto the floor as soon as possible, as the longer it sits the more heat it generates and the faster it sets. Roll out the coat until it is at least 10-15 mils thick so that the sand will go right into the body of the material. Once all of the primer has been laid and rolled, it is time to use a clean, dry sand to broadcast onto the primer to the point of refusal. Keep putting sand on the epoxy until it will not take any more. You will see the sand starting to build up. Add more sand to any shiny parts you see, paying close attention to the edges. In about 7 hours, the material will be tack free. It will then be time to scrape off the ridges and vacuum the residual and the floor will be ready for the application of Duraamen cement based topping. By taking care and taking your time during this process, you can ensure a lasting finish.

Please CLICK HERE to watch detailed surface preparation methods before installing polished concrete topping. Duraamen industrial and polished concrete flooring products are designed to provide labor saving, longer lasting flooring solutions. Talk to an expert by calling (973) 230-1301 about your flooring challenges.

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