Polished Concrete Floors in NJ Using Concrete Microcement

Opportunities for Contractors: Fort Lee, Jersey City and other NUrban Areas are Resurfacing Concrete Floors in Thousands of Buildings.

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New Jersey has been known as an industrial haven for some time now. It’s also gaining a reputation for fine apartment buildings, as residential development is on an increase. Polished concrete floors in a Fort Lee, New Jersey, high rise apartment are just one of the examples of concrete flooring being put to use in upscale residential developments.

An April 2016 news article entitled "Jersey City Under Construction: 15,000 New Apartments in 5 Years" indicates that in New Jersey alone nearly 15,000 condominiums and rental apartments will be developed over the next five years. Another 13,400 units are projected to be built over the following 10 years. Those are in addition to more than 4,500 units that were completed in the years before.

Polished concrete floors are a popular choice for this Fort Lee, New Jersey, high rise building and other apartment buildings in New Jersey for a variety of reasons. If concrete is already in place in an apartment building, but it’s lost its visual appeal, the concrete can be polished to all levels of smoothness. It can be glass-smooth and glossy while still being slip-resistant. If the existing concrete substrate is very bad then a self-leveling concrete can be poured at a minimum thickness of 1/4". This self-leveling concrete can be then given a polished concrete appearance.

If the concrete is not yet poured, colored pigments in all colors of the rainbow can be added to the concrete. The colors can be vivid, such as blue or purple, or subtle, such as shades of gray. Metallic epoxy coatings can be applied to the surface of new or existing concrete. These can also take on just about any color in the rainbow. Metallic epoxy pigments have some incredible visual affects that can range from deep, “galactic” colors that look like scenes from outer space, to subtle pinks and grays that look like mother of pearl. Either way, this option for concrete can be modern, playful or sophisticated, with all of the endurance of concrete at its foundation.

In Fort Lee, New Jersey, high rise apartment builders chose local contractor Unique Concrete for a concrete resurfacing project using Duraamen’s Skraffino. The concrete resurfacing project meant placing a thin layer of Skraffino on top of existing concrete and polishing the coating to a shine. As you can see from the photos, the polished concrete floors provide the right amount of sophistication and modern style to match the stunning views of the Fort Lee, New Jersey, skyline from their apartment windows.

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Photo credit: Image by 1778011 from Pixabay

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