Polishable Concrete Overlays

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Polished Concrete Floors are becoming extremely popular worldwide. Many property managers are taking out their existing floor covering like VCT, Ceramic Tiles, Linoleum, etc., and replacing with polished concrete floors. During the process of removing existing floor coverings, the concrete substrate morphs into a weathered surface with several patches of glue or tile mastic. The substrate may get damaged to such an extent that it can no longer be ground and polished. Completely removing the existing concrete surface and replacing it with regular fresh concrete is not practical in high rise buildings or commercial spaces where quick return to service is a major requirement. In such situations self-leveling polishable concrete overlay play a crucial role.

Polishable overlays contribute to LEED points, which makes them appealing for architects and green builders. The shine on the concrete overlay surface increases the reflectance of the floor, which decreases the need for artificial light. Because the surface ends up being seamless, flat, and smooth, an overlay is also easy to clean, reducing maintenance.

Polishable concrete overlays can be integrally colored as well as topically colored with Deso Dyes. The color of your overlay can be a contemporary white or gray, or it can be as far away from gray as you want to get. Overlays can be seeded with different types of aggregate or colored glass. This makes them look and perform like terrazzo but at a much lower price.

And perhaps the strongest benefit of polishable overlays is that they eliminate the need for concrete that is already in place to be removed and poured again The overlays help maximize resources and make the most of resources that are already used.

With all of these benefits, it’s no surprise that polishable concrete overlays have become much more than a trend. Less homebuyers are turning to carpet or other flooring options and are instead embracing the durability, versatility, and beauty of polishable concrete overlays.

Replacing worn concrete with polishable concrete overlays requires that the concrete surface be ground down, cleaned, and prepped. Once the decision is made to go with a polishable overlay, the customer has a lot of options. It can be as simple as covering up a floor with a problem. But the overlay can also be stamped, stenciled, colored in solid colors or in any kind of design using colored aggregate or pigment powders, or enhanced with decorative sawcuts and borders.

The overlay is able to do all of these things, without any of the underlying slab imperfections showing through. The turnaround time of a polished overlay is faster than tearing out and replacing or patching the existing concrete.

Once the overlay is applied, the polishing process is fairly straightforward and can be accomplished with standard concrete polishing equipment. If you are interested in learning the installation process, please CLICK HERE. Demand for polishable concrete overlays is growing as awareness grows of what this material can do. Get in touch with Duraamen and see how our products can help you replace your worn concrete with polishable concrete overlays. Duraamen Industrial and Polished Concrete Flooring Products are designed to provide labor saving and long lasting flooring solutions. Talk to an expert about your flooring challenges...Please Call + 1 973 230 1301 / eMail Us

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