Polishable Concrete Overlays

Their Benefits and How to Install Them with Step-by-step Videos

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Polished Concrete Floors (view the gallery) are extremely popular worldwide. Many property managers are taking out their existing floor covering like VCT, Ceramic Tiles, Linoleum, etc., and replacing with polished concrete floors. During the process of removing existing floor coverings, the concrete substrate morphs into a weathered surface with several patches of glue or tile mastic. The substrate may get damaged to such an extent that it can no longer be ground and polished. Completely removing the existing concrete surface and replacing it with regular fresh concrete is not practical in high rise buildings or commercial spaces where quick return to service is a major requirement. In such situations a self-leveling polishable concrete overlay is an excellent solution.

Polishable concrete overlays (polished concrete floors) contribute to LEED points, which makes them appealing for architects and green builders; and the reflectance of a polished concrete floor decreases the need for artificial light.

Interior designers will appreciate that polished concrete can be integrally colored with Colorfast and/or topically colored with Deso Dyes. The color of a floor can be a contemporary white, gray, or any color you choose. Polished concrete may also be seeded with different types of aggregate including colored glass to further enhance its brilliant appearance.

Customers that choose a polishable concrete overlay have many design options. They may want to simply cover a problemed floor. Maybe the floor will be decorative using intricate stamps, or stencils and coloring. Solid contemporary colors are always a popular choice. Other effects may be achieved using a colored aggregate, pigment powders, or enhanced with decorative sawcuts and borders.

No matter the floor's planned design or appearance, one of the greatest benefits of choosing a polishable concrete overlay is that it eliminates the need for replacing the existing concrete and pouring new cement which saves time and money!

With all of these benefits, it’s no surprise that polishable concrete overlays are tending. More homeowners, building managers, and commercial properties are embracing the durability, versatility, and beauty of polished concrete flooring over carpet, wood, tile or laminate. This is especially true in urban and upscale areas.


How to video series: Polished Concrete Overlays

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Replacing worn concrete with a polishable concrete overlay requires the concrete surface be ground down, cleaned, and prepped. Next a primer is applied before spreading the overlay. The turnaround time of a polished overlay installation is much faster and more cost effective than ripping out and replacing existing concrete.

Once the overlay is applied, the polishing process is fairly straightforward and can be accomplished with standard concrete polishing equipment. View our video series which demonstrates the step-by-step process for installing a polished concrete floor using our Param 6000 polishable concrete floor overlay.

If you’re considering polished concrete flooring for your existing property, home or building and want to take on the project yourself you may purchase high-quality, professional grade Duraamen products on this site.

If you prefer to have a professional concrete contractor do the work and want references, please contact us through our find an installer page, or by calling 1-866-835-6595.

Products Referenced in the Video Series for this Article:

Perdure E10 multipurpose epoxy primer, binder, sealer, body coat for concrete floors
Param 6000
polishable self-leveling concrete overlay

Hermetix Densifier
densifier for polished concrete floors

Hermetix Protector
protective finishing conditioner for polished concrete floors

Complete Flooring systems:

Polished Concrete Flooring System

        Polishable Concrete Overlays ex. 1
        Polishable Concrete Overlays ex. 2

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