How To Install a Decorative Concrete Floor

How To Install a Decorative Concrete Floor

Installing a decorative concrete floor with Duraamen concrete overlay is relatively easy. Learn the process by watching our online video gallery.

Learning how to install a decorative concrete floor is fairly simple but there are numerous considerations before you start. Let’s clarify what simple means first.

Simple starts with a concrete floor in good shape, that is level without moisture issues. A simple project does not have floor vents or height issues to deal with at stairs. (There are code height requirements for steps and stairs).

So, a floor without issues is a simple process when you need a basic color. Using our Skraffino concrete overlay, the process starts by cleaning the floor of any dirt, then apply a primer with our liquid polymer called CP 1000 and wait for it to dry.

Once the polymer is dry, the next step is to put an appropriate amount of polymer in a 5 gallon bucket, add colorant by mixing with drill and mixing paddle followed by slowing adding our Skraffino which comes in a small bucket. Skraffino is a fine concrete that comes in a base of white or gray. The process is like mixing a pancake mix.

The amount mixing into a 5 gallon bucket will cover approximately 225 to 250 square feet. Pour the Skraffino onto the floor in small amounts and spread over the concrete floor in a thin coat using a Magic Trowel. A Magic Trowel is a squeegee, but don’t try substituting a regular hardware store purchased squeegee. The Magic Trowel is the perfect tool.

The process is to spread the Skraffino in random directions. Once the first coat is dry, any high spots created with Magic Trowel can be sanded smooth then followed by another coat of fine Skraffino. Once that coat is dry you can apply a sealer.

That’s the simple process. The process gets progressively more complicated requiring skills and experience as floor size increases to over 500 square feet or if there are adverse conditions and custom design requirements.

In a basement or screen porch it is very common to apply area rugs which add design and cover up blemishes caused by an inexperienced applicator or DIY.

When the project calls for unique designs and adverse conditions such as moisture issues, floor cracks, spalling, uneven surfaces or height issues, it’s time for the professionals.

We have numerous overlays that solve most flooring issues plus a diverse line of sealers that protect the floor. Skarffino is our thinnest overlay which is applied at approximately 1/16th inch thick. We also have an overlay called Pentimento which produces a decorative polished finish. Our self leveling overlays are applied at 1/4 – 1/2 inch thick.

Then we have various epoxies that range from industrial high performance coatings to highly decorative metallic finishes. Basically, they are all applied the same way as Skraffino but with complexities with each.

If you are considering decorative concrete, contact us to discuss your floor, the size and condition. We will help you with the appropriate coating and the professional to help you out.

CLICK HERE to watch the installation process.

How To Install a Decorative Concrete Floor

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