Industrial Flooring Contractors

Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating Contractors

Industrial Epoxy Floor Coatings

What ever the flooring situation, there is an industrial epoxy coating. The blends vary depending on the condition of the concrete surface and the use.

The uses range from an application in a residential garage to high traffic floors in commercial kitchens, distribution facilities or parking decks. There are thin paints and multi coat applications ranging from 15 mils to 60 mils.

Regardless of the application required, proper surface prep is critical. Concrete floors can be diamond grind or shot blasted, in some cases both will be required. To even out a floor, contractors may grind the floor first, fix cracks and damaged areas, then shot blast the floor. This process effectively creates a new surface. First the surface is repaired, high and low areas removed, then a coarse profile is created increasing surface area for the bonding the industrial epoxy floor coating.

Thick, self leveling epoxies are built up with sand or decorative quartz, then broadcast into each wet application. Once dry, any excess is removed followed by a subsequent coat.

In some cases, polyurethane or polyaspartic finishes are applied. These finishes are abrasion and scratch resistant, non slip and low maintenance. Wax coats can be applied and maintained with a regular maintenance program and occasional scrub and recoat. This process is frequently used in grocery or retail stores. When the wax will no longer shine from occasional burnishing, the top layer of wax can be stripped with 2 or more new wax layers. Then they can be burnished. This process creates an improved surface with wax layers increasing over time.

Though application of epoxies may initially sound simple, choosing the right system and contractors is critical to long term performance. As you can see, the process is part science, part construction.

Epoxies are extremely versatile. There are many blends that can be customized for your use and budget.

Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating Contractors and Products

We provide technical assistance and support for clients, contractors, architects and engineering companies. Our products have been used on thousands of floors including retail, restaurants, factory, hotels, office buildings, aircraft hangars, laboratories, pharmaceutical facilities, hospitals, schools and more.

Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating Contractors

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