How to Reduce VOC in Floor Coatings

Floor coatings are semi-finished products (intermediates); the end products are the floors on which these coatings are applied. The general public has a negative information about floor coatings because organic solvents (VOCs, which stands for volatile organic solvents) are emitted into the atmosphere when floor coatings are applied. In the past, most of the floor coatings produced in the world were solvent-borne. In the United States, EPA and various local government organizations are limiting the use of these organic solvents be stipulating the maximum VOC levels in these coatings.

There are ways to lower the level of organic solvents (VOCs) emitted from floor coatings formulations:

  1. Use high solids coatings - Floor coatings with a high solids content have low volatile organic solvents. For example our 100% solids epoxy coatings like Perdure E10 or Perdure E20 have no solvents. They have pure resin with some performance enhancers.
  2. Replace organic solvents by water - Instead of using organic solvents like Propanol, Butanol, Glycol Ether, etc., use water! Our water borne epoxy primer/sealer Perdure E32 has a very-very low VOC.
  3. Use solvent-free coatings - Use of systems like Radiation-Curing coatings or Powder coatings eliminates the need for the use of solvents in floor coatings.

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