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To answer the question we receive on a regular basis being, “What is the best epoxy floor coating for a a restaurant”, there are a number of considerations regarding use. Restaurant floors take a beating from foot traffic, chairs, food grease, citrus, alcohol and lot’s more. Let’s take a look at various areas in a restaurant with the options and a few tips.

  1. Dining Areas – issues to deal with are foot, chairs and grease tracked in from the kitchen.
  2. Bar Areas – the area behind the bar takes abuse from regular cleaning, citrus, coffee and alcohol.
  3. Commercial Kitchen – Grease, heat, foot traffic and heavy cleaning.
  4. Bath Rooms – Gravity is an issue.
Epoxy Sealer On Restaurant Floor

Dining Areas

In the dining areas a popular option is our Skraffino concrete microtopping integrally colored with Colorfast colors and subsequently sealed with an Epoxy primer and Polyaspartic top coat. Skraffino is cost effective with unlimited design potential. It can be stained and dyed and then sealed. You may want to consider applying cove molding where walls or vertical partitions meet the floor. Epoxy coatings can be applied right to the top of the molding creating a seamless floor that can be cleaned without worry of water and bacteria buildup. The installation process of Skraffino is shown in the videos on this web page.

Another one of our best epoxy systems providing a function and design solution for a restaurant is our Lumiere metallic epoxy coating. This is a metallic system that results with a dramatic decorative appearance. For extra durability a Polyaspartic top coat can be applied with anti skid additive to achieve a non-slipper surface. This coating resists bacteria build and foot traffic. You can apply a wax coat with a cleaning system that will enable you to control grease buildup which is tracked by waiters into the dining area.

Bar Areas

In the bar areas appearance is not very important but resistance to alcohol, citrus and coffee spills are. We have flooring systems that will stand up to this abuse from harsh liquids and high traffic. For best results we recommend applying a cove base moldings to walls, cabinets and bar. Then coat the floor and cove base to create a seamless pan that can be easily cleaned and prevent bacteria build up.

Commercial Kitchens and Bathrooms

The best epoxy floor coating for a commercial kitchen is one with high build and non slip. You need a scratch resistant coating that protects from bacteria build. Again, we do recommend installing integral cove base that are coated for a complete seamless surface.

Typically, the following three systems are used depending upon the substrate condition and budget.

  1. Purdure HBE - High build epoxy system - typically applied at 20-25 mil thickness (1.0mil = 1/1000th inch)
  2. Purdure SLE – Self leveling epoxy system applied at 1/6" to 1/8" thickness
  3. Urethane concrete system - Typically applied at 1/16" to 1/4" thickness depending upon the substrate conditions. One of biggest advantage of urethane concrete system is 'thermal shock' resistance. If the floors are subjected to hot water or steam and then also cold water then most of the flooring systems fail due to thermal shock. Urethane concrete systems withstand this thermal shock.
  4. Decorative quartz can be broad casted on either epoxy system or urethane concrete to impart not only decorative finish but to also increase impact resistance of the floor.

These systems are self extinguishing and prevent bacteria buildup. They have tremendous adhesion to concrete and abrasion resistance. When searching for a solution for the best flooring for your restaurant, consider that each area likely will require a different system.

For DIY enthusiasts we have made detailed videos of the installation process. Please click on the following links -

  1. https://www.duraamen.com/installing-an-urethane-slurry-mortar-system
  2. https://www.duraamen.com/video-gallery/how-install-self-leveling-epoxy
  3. https://www.duraamen.com/video-gallery/how-install-decorative-quartz-flooring-system

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