Epoxy Coatings For Marine Showroom Floors

New Jersey, Massachusetts Epoxy Coatings For Marine Showroom Floors

New Jersey, Massachusetts Epoxy Coatings For Marine Showroom Floors New Jersey, Massachusetts Epoxy Coatings For Marine Showroom Floors

New Jersey, Massachusetts Epoxy Coatings For Marine Showroom Floors

Photos Courtesy of Madstone Floors

New Jersey to Massachusetts – Epoxy Coatings for Marine Showroom Floors

The photos featured here are a Marine Showroom Floor completed by Madstone Floors. The project was at Cataumet Boats of Falmouth Massachusetts.

Epoxy coatings are ideal for Marine showrooms for many reasons. They can be customized in any color, they are bright, non slip and low maintenance. An additional feature is our moisture vapor treatment which can be applied as a primer coating for floors that have moisture issues, a common problem for Marine Dealerships adjacent to water. Moisture vapor pressure will cause floor coatings to delaminate, not to mention the additional heating expense caused by moisture in a large, open showroom.

Let’s face it, boats look excellent on a clean, bright blue floor like the one pictured here. We can easily argue that a nice floor helps sell high ticket items like boats.

Consideration For Epoxy Coatings on Marine Showroom Floors

First we’d like to point out that there is not 1 epoxy coating for all floors. We have numerous blends that range in quality, function and design depending on your use and budget.

Starting with quality, we have epoxies that can be applied thin for low traffic areas, more like an epoxy paint. These are thin mil systems. Mil, is the measurement we use for thickness of a coating. The lowest cost applications are epoxy paints that are under 10 mils. These are not ideal for a showroom since they will wear out quickly from extensive foot traffic and the abrasion from moving boats around.

The most commonly used epoxy coatings are 15-20 mil systems. Strength is increased with application of decorative chips and non slip aggregate which should be considered in Marine Showrooms. Many of these systems have a primer coating with decorative chips broadcast into the surface. Then after it dries, excess chips are scraped and blown off with a leaf blower followed by application of a high build top coat. A polyaspartic finish coat can be applied for enhanced durabilty and scratch resistance. Our polyaspartic resists micro scraches caused by excessive foot traffic.

We also have high build epoxy systems up to 60 mils thick. The versatility of our products provides economical solutions in situations where expensive remodeling is not an option. In fact, many of our flooring products make difficult real estate deals economically feasible.

The technological improvements and changes in flooring products and coatings is rapidly changing. Contractors, equipment and tools manufacturers and flooring products distributors and manufacturers are continally coming up with new solutions that benefit the end user. Pricing is becoming more attractive, construction time is being reduced with new equipment and methods and decorative results are unlimited.

If you have a residential home or any kind of commercial property requiring a flooring and remodeling solution, contact us to discuss the options. We have an extensive network of highly skilled artisans and contractors who we have trained over the years with the use of our products. No matter what size, function or design, we have skilled professionals who we can work with, with you, to come up with the most beneficial solution for you whether an epoxy coating or other application. And if you need a solution for your Marine Showroom floors from New Jersey through Massachusetts or anywhere else nationwide, give us a call.

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