Decorative Quartz Flooring Ideas and Installation

Quartz has become one of the most in demand decorative products in the U.S. The elegance of quartz and its low maintenance are added factors in its popularity for both commercial and residential uses. Quartz floors are a superb alternative to terrazzo and other high-priced alternatives. The quality and price points of quartz make the installation reasonably priced. A quartz floor will provide a long life span and a maximum amount of durability.

The installation of an aesthetically appealing quartz floor can also be useful for showrooms, offices, and restaurants. Quartz flooring is a valuable investment – these floors are maintenance-free and will keep a brilliant appearance for many years.

Quartz flooring is used almost universally in the commercial, residential and institutional sectors. Quartz is highly durable and resistant to chemicals and impact. Wet bar areas, pool houses, hot tub areas, screened in porches and gazebos can all benefit from a quartz foundation – a combination of epoxy resin and quartz aggregate creates a substantial and impact-resistant surface, ideal for areas where there is high traffic.

Quartz is an extremely tough mineral – composed of silica, it is found worldwide. The varieties of quartz include opal, flint, rock crystal, chalcedony and agate. These types of silica are combined with resins to produce quartz flooring, which is available in pre-blended patterns or solid colors.

Epoxy quartz is a floor system which has colored quartz sands dispersed throughout the system, and afterwards a clear coat has been applied to the surface. An endless combination of colors can be produced. Ideal for areas which are wet, these systems are highly slip resistant and offer low water absorption qualities.

Color quartz floors feature a specially formulated clear epoxy or polyurethane sealer. Polyaspartic- coating is the polymer technology that allows a garage floor to be completed in as little as a day. These coatings cure very quickly and are excellent as a top layer for a coatings system.

Quartz has durability similar to granite, but will not chip as easily. It looks softer – it really doesn’t appear to be a stone. It is stain resistant due to its non-porous qualities. Quartz provides you with a uniform and solid look.

Installation of decorative quartz flooring must meet meticulous standards. Engineered quartz tiles are 95% natural quartz and are bonded with polyester resin. These tiles need to laid on concrete floors which are moisture-free and stable. The concrete needs to be free of cracks and very smooth. Sand and cement floors must be allowed to dry. Laying a tile on a surface with moisture is to be avoided. The humidity of any concrete layer must be under 5% at installation.

Polymer modified rapid setting cement adhesive is a norm. An alternative is an epoxy-based adhesive. The tile should be laid on the covered foundation and then tapped with a rubber mallet to ensure an even laying. The next day the grouting of the joints can be done. They should be cleaned before grouting.

With almost endless color possibilities, and the stain resistance and non-porous qualities which make it resistant to mold and bacteria, quartz is a quantum leap over its design competitors.

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