How To Make Concrete Tiles

Concrete Tile

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Anything that can be made, can be made with concrete. It is the most versatile building product on the planet. So, if you’re wondering how to make concrete tile there are a few options and we have virtually every product and tool you need.

There are numerous methods for creating tile with unlimited design options. The requirements are fairly simple. You need a mix, water or a polymer, integral color that is added while mixing, topical colors like stains and dyes and finally sealers to protect the finish.

Photo 1 – In the first exterior image above, the tile was made in precast pieces about 2 inches thick in approximately 3 foot squares using a typical Portland cement. Each piece was acid stained and sealed. Acid stains are a good color choice for exterior projects since they do not fade from direct sunlight. Acid stains come in earth tone colors producing a natural marbleized look. Perfect for this type of project.

How To Make Concrete Tile

Photo 2 – This project was completed by Madstone Floors of Barrington Rhode Island for a condo in the Boston area. The custom tile look they achieved was created with our self leveling system called Param. Param was poured 3/8 inch thick over existing concrete with a gray pigment producing a natural polished concrete finish. The sealer used was a low sheen matte finish, ideal for the contemporary look the owner and designer were after. Saw cuts created the look of tile in a custom, one of a kind size.

Photo 3 – This floor was created using Pentimento, another one of our concrete overlays. This one was integrally colored with light layers of dyes producing a natural earth tone. Saw cuts were used to create a custom tile pattern. Pentimentois a beautiful product with a polished look.

Photos 4 – These custom concrete floors were made with our Skraffino concrete overlay. This is one of our most popular overlays producing a sandstone finish. It’s also one of our easier products to use. The sandstone texture allows for stains and dyes to settle naturally. Combine with custom saw-cuts and you have a beautiful tile floor at an economical cost that will last indefinitely.

Acide Stain

Summary- How To Make Concrete Tile

There are 3 basic ways to make concrete tile. You can make molds and pour concrete into your desired size and shape. It can be integrally colored and topically stained and sealed.

You can use self leveling concrete or GFRC ( Glass fiber Reinforced Concrete in Molds) , which is a light weight product and very durable. Like any precast product they can be integrally colored or stained and dyed.

Finally you can use overlays, and with saw cuts, create the look of tile.

If you need products or a specialized contractor give us a call or fill out the contact forms available on our website. We can help you with the appropriate system.

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