Polished Concrete Flooring Options for Your Basement

Imagine being able to transform your basement floor into any color, design or pattern you want for your family. Decorative concrete resurfacing is the answer. This is the application of new concrete on top of an existing surface.

Concrete floors can be chemically stained or dyed to create artistic elegance. You can create a natural stone look similar to marble. Chemical staining causes a reaction with the minerals in cured concrete. When this is done, your newly chosen colors become permanently etched in the concrete. After application, a clear sealer enhances the appearance even further.

Staining is accomplished with either water-based or acid-based concrete stains. Water-based stains fill up the rough areas of the concrete to produce a stain. Colors range from translucent to opaque. However, if it is a high traffic area, it is subject to fading with time. On the other hand, acid-based staining doesn’t just coat the surface but penetrates deep into the concrete. Translucent colors are the effect produced, and they are much more limited—bright blues to earth shades.

Dyed concrete floors will bring out bright colors as well. No chemical reaction occurs but instead you are just applying dye to the surface. Dyes can be available in liquid form, or as dry pigment. Acetone dyes are utilized on polished concrete before it has been sealed.

Resurfacing concrete is an affordable option and much less costly than replacing concrete. When you resurface, you just about double what is known as the compressive strength of your concrete flooring. Once the project is complete, you not only achieve a new decorative finish but it is sealed and becomes non-porous. You won’t need replacement—it will last a lifetime. If you want to use advanced staining techniques and patterns, you’ll find they are less expensive on concrete than with terrazzo, marble flooring or slate.

Another option is Concrete Microtopping. This can be used on residential or commercial surfaces, and the way it works is that the topping bonds to the existing concrete surface. Here you completely resurface damaged concrete floors and of course you choose the design color.

Epoxy floor coatings are often used for both residential and commercial areas. They will improve appearance, create low maintenance and due to its non-porous qualities be impervious to most spills. To restore damaged concrete you can also utilize Spray-Crete, which offers very high resistance to stains, oil, mildew and cracks. It is available in multiple colors and textures. You can use it over new or even damaged concrete. For patios, walkways and pool decks, this may be the right solution to provide you with a new and slip-resistant finish.

Concrete is porous by nature and should be sealed. Sealers come in two varieties—water-based and solvent-based. Both are protective topcoats for your flooring, applied right after the concrete is cured. They protect the floor from everyday use and also provide stain resistance. They are designed to enhance color and add gloss to your floor. The sealant locks in your colors. Personality, value and protection can be added to your home with the use of concrete flooring options.

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