Polished Concrete Flooring for NYC Apartments and Condos

Polished Concrete flooring is quickly becoming a hot design trend for apartments and condos in The Big Apple. New York City bustles with luxury apartments, posh condos and high-rise buildings kissing the skyline. To think that cold concrete is hot in NYC may take you by surprise, but only if you don't know just how many possibilities it facilitates.

Concrete is versatile. From the sexy wet look in the living room, to neatly polished kitchen floors and more rugged outdoors – concrete flooring can be used in as many way as you like. Concrete is durable and sustainable. Well-maintained and polished concrete floors can last ten decades or more. Concrete is easy to maintain. Mop the floor once a week with soapy water and you're covered.

Acid-stained concrete

Acid staining provides you the freedom to play with your imagination as much as you want. It creates the strongest aesthetic impact and is one of the cheapest concrete flooring options that can wow! Choose colors and staining techniques based on the end result you're pursuing to create a unique finish.

Inorganic salts, water and acid, which can be applied directly over the concrete etch the concrete to create marble-like stains. Granite patterns, lustrous sheen, subtle cracks like those on natural stones are just some of the variations you can create across different rooms.

Water-based stains are another concrete flooring option to get that “wow” look. Water-based stains are more bold in appearance than acid stains. They also tend to be more durable than the former.

Epoxy-coated concrete

Epoxy coating systems are an ideal choice for added beauty and increased durability. It provides a high-gloss and shiny finish that enhances the light reflectivity of floors, making the space brighter. It is slip resistant, easy to maintain and does not prevents mold, mild dew or bacteria and so on from growing. Epoxy paints and coatings can be applied directly over the concrete floor as a simple DIY experiment. They need very little to no preparation and are easy to administer.

You can choose from an array of textures and colors. For multi-colored floors with stylish patterns and interesting textures, use metallic epoxy paints. To create a textured look akin graveled or stone-based floors, use colored epoxy flakes. To mix and match different colors, patterns and textures on the same floor, use stamp overlays over the concrete floor. Or, simply layer the epoxy concrete floor with some Moroccan rugs, furnishings and fixtures and watch them create a warm, luxurious look and feel.

High-gloss sealed concrete

Sealers add decorative effects to the concrete floor and also make it impermeable to moisture and stains. Tinted sealers can add subtle color differences and a textured look to the floor. Use high-gloss tinted sealers to give it a limestone-like appearance. Use acrylic sealers for the wet look.

Stamped concrete

Stamped concrete is an intelligent and economical choice instead of hardwood flooring. You can add base colors or accent colors to create stamping patterns that resemble wood, tile, brick, stone, slate or flagstone. Stamped concrete is ideal for exterior surfaces like driveways, patios, walkways, etc.

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