Concrete Countertop Overlays

Concrete is no longer a material for floors, driveways, and sidewalks. The material has transformed the interior of homes, and commercial and industrial facilities through what is known as a concrete overlay. Overlays are becoming more commonplace in remodeling and new construction projects, and used by do-it-yourselfers and professionals. An overlay is as it sounds: to cover the surface of something with a coating to make it more durable, detailed, and, in some cases, decorative.

Rather than demolish an existing kitchen or tear out a countertop, concrete countertop overlays are a perfect alternative. This process is both cost efficient and environmentally friendly because you can install it directly over existing surfaces: plywood, laminate, granite, or ceramic tiles. You also won’t need to use heavy equipment nor deal with disposal of the material.

The popularity of concrete countertop overlays has led companies like Düraamen to make this an option in projects. So what’s the appeal? Concrete countertop overlays:

  • can withstand abuse, heat, and other hazards
  • can be custom colored
  • can be custom designed
  • are a quick install
  • are environmentally friendly
  • are durable

A concrete countertop overlay can withstand abuse. Granite and ceramic tiles may have hard surfaces but they are prone to cracks and breaks. Repairs can be costly. Additionally, ceramic, granite, laminate and other like materials are porous and don’t hold heat well, subjecting the surface to burns, oils, germs, and cracks. An overlay, however, offers a measure of protection should the surface become extremely heated or sustain fire or other sizeable damage. The cost to replace a countertop and the time to do it is minimal when compared to a complete remodel or restoration.

Concrete countertop overlays can be custom designed, allowing you to select a style and color that appeals to your aesthetic, complements the space, and meets your needs. A concrete countertop overlay can be positioned over the entire length of the countertop. A decorative concrete countertop overlay can enhance and completely change the look and area, won’t take long to install, and enable a quick return to service. Your kitchen or entertainment room won’t be off limits for long.

Countertops are a major attraction and selling point in today’s kitchens. Consult with a Düraamen representative to learn your options for designing and installing a concrete countertop overlay.

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