Choosing Decorative Concrete Products for your project

As flooring contractors, it is often up to you to not only try to understand exactly what the client wants, but also to choose the best options available that work with the current flooring system and the customer’s needs. Duraamen provides a wide range of decorative concrete products that provide the coverage, visual appeal, and durability that your clients are looking for.

Polished Concrete

When applying decorative flooring in warehouses, big box stores, office buildings, factories, and other high traffic locations, polished flooring is a great option. Polished concrete floors use environmentally safe materials that provide a highly durable, attractive finish. Polished flooring systems are available in a wide range of colors, providing a surface that is beautiful, yet stands up to high levels of foot traffic.

Self-Leveling Concrete

If you are working with an existing poor or damaged substrate, yet your client wants a visually stunning floor system, self-leveling concrete is a great option that does not require extensive work. There are self-leveling options available for use as underlays, but there are also options that can be used as a top layer wear surface. When using self-leveling options in this manner, you can provide clients with a range of color or staining options.Additionally, this surface can be sandblasted, polished, stenciled, or saw cut to provide increased visual appeal.

Overlays and Micro-Toppings

If your client needs a cost effective option that allows for exceptional staining or dying, and creative decorative finishes, this decorative concrete product only requires paper-thin application, making it one of the most cost-effective options. These overlays can be used for both interior and exterior applications, as well as on horizontal surfaces if necessary. This type of flooring provides exceptional results within conditions of freezing and thawing, and can even be used over existing asphalt.

Stamped Concrete

For those clients that want a highly textured finish for their outdoor concreted areas, stamped concrete using Pasto is a great option. There are numerous patterns, finishes, and color options available, allowing you to create nearly any look your client is going for. You can also use these decorative concrete products with integral coloration to create unique patterns and color combinations.

Terrazzi Concrete Resurfacing

For those clients looking for cost effective, decorative flooring, Terrazzi resurfacing is a great option. This system is used for resurfacing floors, and combines a resurfacing compound with crushed marble, fine aggregates, and recycled glass to create unique finishes. This system provides endless color and texture options to meet nearly any request.

Duraamen industrial and polished concrete flooring products are designed to provide labor saving, longer lasting flooring solutions. Talk to an expert at Duraamen about your flooring challenges. Please Call (973) 230-1301

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