Repair Car Wash Facilities for Urethane Concrete or MMA Resin Systems

Let's imagine that you have a car wash facility that has a concrete runway that needs to be repaired. What are your flooring options for car wash facilities? Urethane Concrete Screeds or MMA resin floor coatings are best suited for repair Car Wash Facilities.

Replacing the concrete would involve shutting down the car wash, meaning a loss of business over several days of closure. The second option is repairing that concrete. If you have a car wash facility, it's only a matter of time that the concrete will need to be replaced.

This does not mean that it is because the concrete was installed incorrectly or was the result of poor workmanship. Overall, concrete is a very durable material but constant exposure to water (as in a car wash!), chemicals (soap, waxes, shine agents, as in a car wash!), heat (yep! car wash), freeze-thaw cycles (yes - many car washes are in the open air), pressure from heavy equipment (cars), and high pressure (I'll stop now) will eventually weaken it.

A car wash is pretty much an encapsulation of all of the things that will eventually damage concrete over time. Chances are, though, that your under-the-surface concrete is good. It is likely that what has happened is that the abrasion from the water pressure has chipped away the surface, leaving it cracked, with small holes which will keep getting bigger. The longer this is allowed to go on the faster the degradation occurs, because the holes open to expose more surface area, which weakens the concrete further.

A durable seamless flooring system based on Urethane Concrete or Methyl methacrylate, is the solution to repair and protect your concrete without having to shut down your car wash any longer than necessary. These floor coatings go on fast and easy, and they cure fast, so you might only be out of service for a few hours. they cure in a wide range of temperatures, so you can get your concrete car wash floor repaired right now, if it really needs it. MMA based resin systems cure in very low freezing temperatures.

Concrete coatings like these may seem thin, but they are formulated so that the material in the coating bonds not only with itself, forming a non-permeable surface, but also with the concrete substrate. So when it's done, you basically have a new slab of concrete on the top. Anti-slip additives can be added to specific non-slip ratings, so you won't have to worry about your employees sliding around on a slippery concrete floor. Coatings can be formulated to be UV-resistant, so if you have an area of your car wash that is exposed to the sunshine, this treatment will stay looking good for years. They are also thermal and shock resistant, so your high pressure hot water sprays that you use to clean the cars with or clean the facility itself will have no effect on it for years to come.

So let's go back to that first question...imagine that you have a car wash facility that has a concrete runway that needs to be repaired. What are your flooring options for car wash facilities? Now you know.

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