The Best Flooring Option for a Modern Dialysis Center is Resinous Flooring.

The last thing you think about with the mention of “medical dialysis centers” is flooring. When it comes to patients’ comfort and safety flooring is every bit as important as the as the rest of any medical facility. Because of the risk of infection or contamination from blood and other bodily fluids, a tough, seamless, liquid resistant, bacteria resistant, easy to maintain floor is imperative for the operation of general medical facilities and dialysis centers. A seamless, epoxy-polyurethane, resinous flooring system is one of the best flooring options.

Consider this. Hemodialysis is a treatment that circulates blood through a machine. The machine performs the blood cleansing function of healthy kidneys in patients whose kidneys don’t function correctly. A hemodialysis treatment can last four hours and a patient may visit the dialysis center up to three times a week. Many individual patients will visit the center multiple times in a given week.

Because of the potential for contamination and infection to spread to both patients and medical staff, the cleanliness of the facility is a major priority. A dialysis center’s floor must withstand a high amount of foot and equipment traffic as well as a strict cleaning regimen. The patients’ comfort and safety are at stake.

High health risks means flooring choice becomes an important decision when designing a dialysis center. Vinyl composite tile (or VCT) is one option that many centers consider because it's cheap. The problem with VCT is that the finished floor has numerous seams between the 12” tiles where dirt can hide and bacteria can breed. The tile seams also contribute to wear and tear as repeated maintenance and cleaning chips away at their edges. Linoleum tile, another option, has the same issues.

Some architects/designers may choose sheet vinyl. Sheet vinyl is available in large rolls meaning the finished floor will have less seams than tile, though it's not truly seamless or as tough as resinous flooring. Wood flooring of any type is not an adequate solution for a dialysis center because of the amount of floor traffic and harsh cleaning chemicals.

The best flooring solution for a dialysis center is an epoxy-polyurethane resinous flooring system. Duraamen’s Perdure HBE ( high build epoxy flooring ) and Perdure SLE ( self-leveling epoxy flooring ) are truly seamless and nearly impervious to foot and equipment traffic, biological fluid spills, and harsh chemical cleaners. Hourly sanitizing and disinfecting has no effect on our resinous flooring systems. After all, if there’s any place you don’t want blood-borne pathogens and bacteria hiding, it’s in a medical center where patients’ blood is regularly filtered through a dialysis machine and returned to their bodies.

Patient treatment rooms are just one area of any medical facility that will benefit from seamless, resinous flooring. Waiting rooms, bathrooms, therapy rooms, break rooms, meeting rooms, and administrative offices will all benefit from the toughness and sanitary advantages of resinous flooring.

With a variety of colors to choose from and a non-slip surface option, a resinous floor from Duraamen will be looking as good as it performs for a long, long time to come.

Duraamen Industrial and Polished Concrete Flooring Products are designed to provide labor saving and long lasting flooring solutions. Talk to an expert about your flooring challenges. Call +1 973-230-1301 or email us.

Download the Perdure SLE diagram

Download the Perdure HBE diagram

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