Behind The Bar Flooring Systems

Old Bar Floor

In the photos of these floors, it is easy to see that the concrete surface is discolored, chipped and flaking away. This is a floor behind a bar, where servers are constantly walking back and forth. Glassware is dropped, liquids are constantly spilled and splashing. Ice and hot water, along with cold beer and hot mop water, encounter the floor on a daily basis.

Old bar concrete floor

Some of our customers who have had floors installed behind their bars that were sealed with water-based epoxy and polyurethane have seen the results not hold up. Because of the damage that behind-the-bar floors must hold up to each and every day, we recommend decorative quartz or urethane concrete systems.

Floors that are behind bars go through intense abuse and they need better flooring systems. It may seem that the use of restaurant or bar floors can’t be that intense. The opposite is true. They experience foot traffic nearly a full 24-hours each day. Spillage and chemicals used in cleanings cause friction and abrade the surface with each and every step the workers take throughout the day.

It is imperative that a behind-the-bar floor be prepared and sealed properly and that the right system be chosen to complete the floor. We recommend decorative quartz or urethane concrete systems because these floor systems are easy to clean and long-lasting.

Decorative quartz floors can be anti-slip and exceptionally durable. The advantage of quartz floors over sealing with water-based epoxy is that the high-performance epoxy polymer resin provides both beauty and strength.

Urethane or polyurethane concrete systems are a preferred method because they can withstand thermal cycling, and are essentially maintenance free. If there are any cracks present behind a bar, water or other liquids will enter and bacteria will develop. Urethane concrete coating systems go on in a single, seamless coating. These coatings absorb impacts and are more abrasion-resistant than other coatings. Over time, urethane coatings do not become yellow with exposure to UV light.

By choosing one of Duraamen’s recommended coatings, either decorative quartz flooring or urethane concrete coating systems, you’ll get maximum performance that will protect your bar floor as long as you need it to.

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