Basic tools for concrete staining project

While acid stains (Chemical Stains or Reactive stains) remain a favorite method of coloring concrete among the contractors they are also an item of interest among DIY customers. Having the right tools helps finish a project successfully.

Bob Harris demonstrates 'Patinaetch' acid stains in a recent workshop

Bob Harris demonstrates Patinaetch acid stains in a recent workshop

The following tools are required to complete a successful acid stain project -

  1. Pump-up plastic sprayer that shoots a cone rather than a fan pattern
  2. Brooms, brushes, squeegees
  3. Wet-dry vacuum
  4. Masking or painter’s tape, protective plastic
  5. Neutralizers, cleaners and sealers
  6. Surface preparation tools
  7. Buffer/polishing machine
  8. Rubber gloves, eye goggles, protective clothing
  9. Plastic buckets
  10. OSHA approved respirator
  11. Fans to keep air circulating and expedite the drying process

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