Exterior Concrete Dyes Offer Numerous Benefits

When installing concrete, business and homeowners frequently take advantage of the fact that various concrete dyes and stains are available. These prevent the need to live with a boring white or gray flooring system, as you can opt for nearly any color flooring that you want. Products such as pellucid dye can be used on nearly any concrete surface, allowing you to add style and fun to an otherwise boring space.

UV Resistant

One of the biggest concerns about concrete dyes is whether they will work well outdoors as well as indoors. Unless they have a specific protection from UV rays, they will be best suited for indoor applications. Because pellucid dyes from Düraamen are UV stable, they are able to resist any damage that would typically be caused by UV rays. This allows you to use the dye in exterior spaces, even if they will be exposed to direct sunlight.


Pellucid concrete dyes are specially formulated to create a color that will last for a long time. In fact, while traditional concrete paints will peel, chip, or crack, none of these things are a concern with pellucid dyes. They are easy for professionals to apply, and when properly applied, they are economical and long lasting. This durability also means that concrete surfaces colored with these dyes will need minimal maintenance, reducing the time and money you spend on caring for the concrete.


As mentioned, Pellucid concrete dyes can be used on nearly any concrete surface. The dye is specifically recommended for use on cured and unsealed concrete substrates, whether they are indoors or outdoors. This versatility of application combines with the range of colors to allow you to create nearly any look that you want. There are 20 standard colors, and it is possible to mix these to create unique combinations and endless design possibilities for the utmost versatility.

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