Bactoclean BC (biocarbon cleaner)

Microbial, biocarbon floor cleaner for commercial kitchens

Bactoclean BC (biocarbon) is a powerful specially formulated cleaning solution based on oil-eating microbial that is ideal for removing fats, oils, grease, protein, cellulose, and starch. It assists in cleaning grease traps and septic tanks. Bactoclean BC is the perfect choice in restaurants of food-producing facilities where drain lines and grease traps are a problem. It is also effective for cleaning slick floors and controlling odors as well as cleaning up blood, vomit, and animal/human waste.

  • Safely removes fats, oils and grease from concrete or tile floors without etching.
  • Excellent surface preparation cleaner for areas that are going to be sealed or coated with resinous flooring or concrete flooring systems.
  • Can be used daily to clean oil from all types of surfaces especially where slip and fall issues can occur.
  • Does not need to be neutralized.
  • Degrades/eliminates organics that are found in drain lines and grease traps while also eliminating odors.
  • Penetrates all cracks, crevices and pores of the various surfaces in bathrooms and kitchens where organics accumulate, leaving them visually cleaner.
  • Bactoclean BC provides long term odor control by removing the organics that cause odors and prevent the return of odor causing compounds.
  • Eliminates the need for excessive pumping in septic tanks and waste treatment facilities. The microbes will consume toilet tissue, hair, starches and proteins that cause the tank drain fields to become plugged.

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