Water Based Stain for Concrete Surfaces (interior & exterior)

Aquacolor is a concentrated water-based stain formulated to be applied over the interior and exterior concrete surfaces where a high degree of color transparency is desired. It is formulated with high-quality lightfast pigments. It offers excellent color stability and uniformity. It can be used as an integral color for decorative concrete overlays, micro-toppings, skim coats, or regular concrete surfaces. It is formulated as a dual-use product...integral color and an alternative to reactive concrete stains (acid stains). It can also be tinted in water-based acrylic sealers.

The concentrated Aquacolor is sold in 8oz containers. Typically it is diluted with water in site with 1.0 gallon of water before applying over the concrete surface. The dilution may be increased as per the user's desired color. More than one color can be mixed on-site by the user to achieve one's own desired color.

  • UV Resistant, suitable for interior and exterior surfaces
  • Versatile - Use it as an Integral color or water-based stain
  • Perfect for shifting colors and adding accents
  • Adds color and depth to the concrete surfaces
  • Depth of color can be built-up by layering the colors
  • Easy to use spray application
  • No acids to harmful chemicals
  • Cement substitutes will not affect the color outcome unlike reactive stains (acid stains)
  • Saves time when used as a rinsing, no mopping, no neutralizing, and no residue
  • Eco-Stain - environmentally friendly...Zero VOC

                        aquacolor buff


                         Color Swatch: burnt sienna

    burnt sienna

                         Color Swatch: caramel


                         Color Swatch: chelsea grey

    chelsea grey

                         Color Swatch: chestnut


                         Color Swatch: chocolate brown

    chocolate brown

                         Color Swatch: dark grey

    dark grey

                         Color Swatch: ebony


                         Color Swatch: gold


                         Color Swatch: kendall charcoal

    kendall charcoal

                         Color Swatch: light grey

    light grey

                         Color Swatch: medium grey

    medium grey

                         Color Swatch: olive green

    olive green

                         Color Swatch: pale buff

    pale buff

                         Color Swatch: sepia


                         Color Swatch: slate blue

    slate blue

                         Color Swatch: teal


                         Color Swatch: terra cotta

    terra cotta

                         Color Swatch:

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