water based stain for concrete surfaces (integral & topical)

Aquacolor is a concentrated, ready-to-use, highly-micronized inorganic pigment blended to integrally colour or stain decorative concrete overlays, micro-toppings, skim coats or regular concrete surfaces. It is formulated as a dual-use product...integral colour and an alternative to reactive concrete stains (acid stains).

Integral Colour: When using Aquacolor as an integral colour, shake well and always disperse in the polymer additive (Cp1000) prior to adding in cementitious powder (Skraffino). Squirt desired amount into a small measuring cup to ensure consistent results. The typical dosage is 10ml (0.35oz) of Aquacolor for every pail of Skraffino.

Water based Stain: When Aquacolor is used as a stain, dilute and mix it with water prior to spraying.
Suggested starting mix-ratio: 4gal water per 8oz bottle of Aquacolor; to increase the colour value, reduce the amount of water and vice versa. For better adhesion to the substrates, it is recommended to blend the Aquacolor solution with 10% acrylic polymer (Cp1000).

  • UV Resistant, suitable for interior and exterior surfaces
  • Versatile - Use it as an Integral colour or water based stain
  • Perfect for shifting colors and adding accents even after the surface is sealed with acrylic sealers
  • Adds colour and depth to the stamped concrete
  • Depth of colour can be built-up by layering the colors
  • Easy to use spray application
  • No acids to harmful chemicals
  • Cement substitutes will not affect the colour outcome unlike reactive stains (acid stains)
  • Saves time when used as a rinsing, no mopping, no neutralizing and no residue
  • Eco-Stain - environmentally friendly...Zero VOC

  • umber

  • bronze

  • lavender

  • lichen

  • stone

  • marine

  • wheat

  • mocha

  • argento

  • canary

  • ochre

  • peridot

  • wales charcoal

  • onyx black

  • french grey

  • rosa

  • mandarin

  • terra

  • white

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