Anti Skid Additive

Duraamen's Anti Skid additive is graded aluminum oxide particles that can be added in a sealer/topcoat providing a safe, slip resistance surface. It is available in Coarse, Medium, Fine and Superfine (240 mesh) sizes. Typically the dosage is 6 to 8 oz per gallon. It has been observed that addition of Superfine (240 mesh) in topcoats like Perdure U45, Perdure U46, Perdure U90 and Perdure P72 increases the abrasion resistance of the topcoat in addition to making it a non-slip surface. We recommend on-site mock ups before final selection of the anti-skid additive.

Mixing & Application
  1. After mixing Part A and Part B components of Perdure U45/46/U90/U50/P72, add 6 to 8 oz of anti-skid additive, slowly stirring the mix until it is evenly mixed.
  2. Apply the sealer / topcoat as per the technical data sheets of the respective products.
  3. Stir the material in the mixing container intermittently to prevent settlement and ensure even distribution throughout the mix.
  4. If applying more than one coat of top coat, mix the Duraamen's anti-skid additive into the final coat only.
  • Achieve slip resistant surfaces
  • At lower dosages, the surface will be barefoot friendly
  • Excellent durability

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