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Concrete Joint Repair

Perdure EJF | 100% solids flexible epoxy joint filler

Perdure EJF is a 100% solids flexible epoxy joint filler used to protect saw-cut joints in concrete slabs on grade or repair existing damaged joints. Perdure EJF absorbs the impact and shock of heavy loads and steel wheeled traffic, preventing erosion of control joint edges.


  • Easy 1 to 1 mixing ratio
  • Ultimate elongation of 100%
  • Low odor during application and cure — can be used in occupied facilities
  • Cures on damp/wet surfaces
  • USDA approved

Technical Data

Viscosity @ 75°F 2200cps Weight Per gallon 10.75 pounds per gallon, mixed
Full cure & resistance 48 – 72 hours Color Gray
Sanding time 24 – 48 hours @ 75°F VOC 0
Re-Coat 8– 10 hours @ 75°F Solids Content 100% by volume
Dry to Touch 5– 8 hours @ 75°F Mixing Ratio 1 parts A to 1 parts Bby volume
Pot Life 40 minutes @ 75°F
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